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The first console virtual reality headset and the first affordable headset for the general public at the time of release, even though the Oculus Quest is now a major tool in the daunting exercise of democratizing VR, PlayStation VR is now a bit behind, albeit by some. Recent and upcoming releases still highlighted by PlayStation (let’s quote Moss: Book IIhandjob after the fallhandjob Wandererhandjob song in smokehandjob Puzzle Bobble 3Dhandjob Tornhandjob Doom 3: VR Editionhandjob sniper elite vr Or hitman 3)

However, we’ve known from the beginning of the year that Sony is preparing a new generation successor that will join the PlayStation 5 this time and feature a new pair of controllers. While waiting for more details on this new generation of PS VR and the games in preparation, the manufacturer pays homage to the helmet of 2016 by unveiling the platform’s most popular titles. Selection not on the basis of sales but on the basis of time spent on each game from October 13, 2016 to August 31, 2021, not to mention Playroom VR.

The second announcement that will not go unnoticed is the appearance of three PS VR games as bonuses in PlayStation Plus subscriptions from November and for an indefinite number of months. More details soon, we’ve been told. As a reminder, Sony Interactive Entertainment sold over 5 million PS VR worldwide in January 2020.

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