PlayStation Network Outage Keeps PS4 and PS5 Players Offline

For a few weeks now, Xbox Network questions who – who are offline players and even prevents them from launching their games and now it reveals the PlayStation role. The PlayStation Network Status page confirms that there is a service outage that will prevent people from being able to sign in or create an account.

The DownDirector follow-up has started a problem report shortly after 5 PM ET, and the status page confirmed the issues at 5:41 PM that were affecting PS5, PS4, PS3, PS Vita and web services.

As some stickers on Reddit, the bug means they can’t verify ownership and can’t play digital games, while I can play any game on my console except multiplayer games that require an internet connection it occurs. There is no information on how to solve the problem, but we will update this post when more information is available.

As some posters indicated, it had been almost ten years since the next day Sony confirmed that the extended PSN outage was caused by hackers, though nothing indicated anything unusual about the trouble.

Update (6:40 pm ET): Many reported that they were able to sign in again, although the PlayStation status page has not yet been updated.

Update (7:13 pm ET): Everything is very clear according to the status page, there is no information about the cause of the problem but you should be able to play again. If you are still having problems, try Embed Tweet Replying to Reply on Twitter.

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