Playing video games can help you find a job

By Jason Mathurin

According to a recent Manpower Group study, playing video games can be important in your job search. The skills acquired in gaming will prove useful in business. We uncover everything for you.

Skilled players, casual gamers, save your CV!

Gamers do not always have a good press. The latter is often unfairly judged as people who have no social life. The fact that the WHO classifies video game addiction as a mental health disorder does not really help them look better. However, there is no need to prove that playing video games develops certain skills, and not least. It is therefore not surprising that a recent study showed this The skills of gamers can be an asset in work.

The Manpower Group, which is a multinational expert in talent strategy, therefore looked into the question. His observation is as follows: Players develop Required skills In life Company. Whether you’re a fan of games on LoL, Call of Duty, a skilled builder on Minecraft, or even a casual gamer accustomed to Gensin Impact, our in-game prowess is something to highlight in our professional career. This is good news!

“Games develop not only technical skills, but also skills”, We learn from the study of manpower. “Players bring Better critical, creative thinking, emotional intelligence And solving complex problems ”. Then even if it is puzzles and riddles rough and tough, tomb Raider And others, we can say, gaming really forges our logic. “Games also teach players how to communicate effectively” We learn in study.

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Playing video games can get you a job, study Screenshot

Make your passion for video games an asset in your career

An infographic also lists the various skills acquired for a particular game in a particular area. For example, strategy games star Craft Or League of Legends helps us to be one Deep Thinking, Better concentration, Social perception And ability to solve problems. Adventure Games or Assassin’s Creed, the next RPG like Pokémon Legends: Arceus or World of Warcraft cooperation, dialogue, our sanity as well as our Decision making authority.

Also, if you have more puzzles and puzzles, Manpower recommends a job as an industrial production, manufacture or even a quality control specialist. If, on the contrary, you are proficient in action, adventure and roleplay, then a career in customer relations, In finance or OKAgain In administration Seems more appropriate. So, ready to start your professional retreat?

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