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Since September 2019, RCF is offering airtime to Ecosciences Grenoble every Thursday at 12:05 pm, in the “Media Echo” of “Midis RCF”, presented by Isère Nicolas Boutry. An opportunity to tell you about the latest interesting content shared by members of EcoSciences. Find all the history in this file or on the RCF-Isère website!

Chronicle of January 20, 2022 by Audrey Korzynska, in sound and text below:

At RCF Isère, it’s time to find a media echo with La Casemate project manager Audrey Korzynska. You are going to present to us the latest news from Ecosciences Grenoble. Hello Audrey!

Hello Nicholas!

Audrey, you’re going to show us that scientists aren’t the only ones creating science…

No, everyone can create science too! Even more so when guided by an interactive science or citizen science project!

Participation or citizen science? What is this about?

These are real scientific research projects, carried out by researchers, but in which any person can participate without special study. On the research side, these projects make it possible, for example, to multiply the sources of observation we can cite or even cite observations of biodiversity or climate-related changes to overcome technical limitations. For, for example in the case of astronomy or medicine. Which the human eye sometimes remains more effective.

And it is Lizzie Louise Michel’s second B student in Grenoble who is currently participating in such a project.

Actually ! On Monday, January 10, he launched a participatory science project with the Tara Ocean Foundation. This foundation oversees plastic pollution and its effects on biodiversity. 80% of plastic pollution comes from the earth but it is distributed in water and found on beaches and along the banks of rivers and streams.

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What is the role of the children in this project?

The students are first taken to find an observation site near their school. On site, they take samples according to the scientific protocol described by the project. Then, back in orbit, they would analyze these samples: quantify, measure, etc. Once this is done, they send the collected data to the project scientists. The aim is for scientists to better understand the origin of these plastics and micro-plastics that have very significant and negative impacts on ecosystems and human health.

And when you look at a map of the schools participating in the project on the “Plastic ए la Loup” website, you realize that the French region is well covered. And I guess the project goes beyond the scientific aspect?

Yes of course. Students will be motivated to think about finding concrete solutions to reduce plastic pollution of water. Everyone can also follow some good reflexes such as reducing plastic in our daily purchases, extending the life of our items, cleaning, recycling, or even reducing microfibers in our wash water. Doing.

Some small challenges in everyone’s daily life! The project can be followed at! Are we going to the mountains now with a schedule for the coming week?

Yes, we are going to do a lot about pollution, but also talking about climate and climate change this year as Grenoble has been chosen as the European Green Capital 2022. This Tuesday, January 25th at 1PM, you can attend a workshop at Joseph Fourier University. Library in Saint-Martin-d’Here. The workshop will focus on the question of global warming in the mountains: is it faster in the mountains than in other regions?

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The event is also part of the Season of Scientific Culture that you coordinate at La Casemate and which has just been launched for 2022 as “a season between heaven and earth”. The program will be available throughout the year following the link! Thanks a lot Audrey!

Thanks Nicolas and have a nice day!

>> Photo: Christopher Fausten (@christopher_rcf)

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