Plane crash card opened people’s mouth: ‘We are really shocked’

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Reactions can be divided into two categories. The e-mails the Foundation has received are mainly from Zeeland. For example, several people emailed that they also had the wreckage of a plane that was not on the map. Further investigation revealed that the planes are often included in the foundation’s database, but they are located elsewhere on the map. “Then it was said of a plane ‘that crashed into Mr Jensen’s farm’ and this can no longer be precisely determined,” Van Gurp explains. “So we give them a spot, but then they crash a kilometer away.”

However, not all reports are misunderstandings. Wings to Victory has received six reports that require further investigation. “It’s interesting,” Van Gurp said. These reports also include personal stories, for example about the need of the hour. “People got into planes, pulled out parachutes, and then made new clothes out of them”, gives Van Gurp as an example.

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Most of the responses to the foundation were received through Facebook. Wings to Victory has shared the card in seventeen Facebook groups with relatives and interested parties in the United Kingdom and the US. “They really exploded,” says the astonished van Gurp. “We got a lot of responses.” Most responders are particularly perplexed about the number of planes that have crashed. Van Gurp: “Absolute jerk, says one.”

Wings to Victory will work with the tips they have found. If more planes are found to have crashed, they will be added to the map.

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