Pipi Pango released a single from the new album ‘AFRICABILITY’ at breakneck speed.

Pipi Pango is an Afro / European songwriter based in both the UK / Ireland and Nigeria. Growing up in Lagos, he has lived most of his adult life in Ireland and the UK, gaining an abundance of life experience that has had a significant impact on his creative structure talent.

Pippi Pungo attended the National Film School / Sound Training Center in Dublin to study music production, giving her the training she needed to become versatile. Although Pippi Pungo Fella and Femi Kuti, U2, Coldplay, Kanye West and P. Taking creative inspiration from the likes of Diddy, he combines a variety of stylistic elements to create his unique sound.

With more than seventeen thousand regular monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it is indisputable that Pippi Pungo has created a devoted development of loyal fans eager to hear her upcoming EP. Their EP ‘Love, Money and Power’ was released last year and this year the musicians are busy with the release of their upcoming album ‘AFRICIABILITY’ as a precursor.

‘Shake Body’ is one of those singles and a tribute to DJs who thank people. The track lasts for three minutes and forty-five seconds and has a speed of 96 bpm. ‘Shake Body’ begins with an eighteen second instrumental introduction with a catchy melodious hook and subtle vocals; Implementing a partial crescendo to create anticipation for the implementation of voice. A breakdown section with a rapped verse fills the track, providing the right amount of dynamic variety to make the song catchy from start to end.

But ‘Lagos to London’ was also released this month; “Positive energy you get from two cities has been written about [en]Multiculturalism ”. ‘Lagos to London’ is the lead single from the soon to be released album ‘AFRICIBILITY’. The color of Pippi Pango’s voice is pure and emotional; Perfectly suits the tone of the instrumental accompaniment. Rap features Pippi Pango’s impressive talent as a singer and rapper with ditto songs. The wrap provides the right amount of dynamic diversification to ensure that the listener will be captivated by the sweet flow from beginning to end.

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