Pinterest bans all weight loss ads

The social network Pinterest, on which users share photos of their interests, announced a ban on all advertising material related to weight loss on Thursday, July 1.

text, image or testimony

As of July 1, 2021, Pinterest is updating its advertising policies to ban all ads containing text or images related to weight loss, indicates in a press release that the platform boasts of 475 million active users every month in the world.

Ads promoting only healthy habits and lifestyle or fitness services and products will continue to be allowed as long as they do not focus on weight loss., she specifies.

Any text, image or testimony on weight loss, diet products and products is banned from social networks To wear or apply to the skin claiming to allow for weight loss.

all content one who idealizes or discredits some morphology and any reference to “Body Mass Index (BMI) or similar index” is also prohibited.

this is’A big step towards prioritizing the mental and physical health of our users. We want them to be able to feel free to be themselves on Pinterest, and celebrate body diversity, whatever their shape or size.Sarah Bromma, head of Pinterest practices, was quoted in the press release.

Eliminate “Body Shaming”

The National Eating Disorders Association associated with this change in advertising policy says it has good hope that initiative Encourages other organizations and businesses to think about the potential danger of certain advertising messagesinspire them To establish new policies that will enable real change.

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Pinterest indicates that the decision is part of an already introduced approach to advertising that the social network has banned. Publications advocating long-term body shaming and extreme thinness or overly rigid diets.

He says any search for keywords related to eating disorder is automatically blocked, refers the user to an organization that can assist them.

Finally each week the social network will highlight the content designers around the world who resume our relationship with the body by message Positive topics such as body neutrality and self-acceptance.

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