Pierrot Dupuy – Gilbert Annette wanted to show Erica Beregats that she was nothing without him

On June 21, the day after the first round, I wrote an article in which I wondered: “Erica Beregats betrayed by her own camp in Saint-Denis?”. I was referring to a conversation I had the night before with a man who has been gravitating to the highest levels in political circles for several decades.

And his last sentence was: “All the major mayors on the list won in their municipalities. Saint-Denis mayoral candidates scored well across departments, while Erica Beregats could not do better than 30% in her own city. And supreme disgrace, she even preceded Didier Robert by a few votes“. For him, only one explanation: this was undoubtedly a betrayal committed at the highest level by the relatives of the mayor of Saint-Denis.

Did my informer have information that he did not want to reveal to me or was it, as he wanted me to believe, the fruit of his analysis? Nevertheless, for ten days, languages ​​have been relaxed and the scenario is becoming more and more clear.

Erica Beregats tried to free herself from her stepfather’s tutelage

You should know that since her election as mayor, Erika Beregats has tried to distance herself from Gilbert Annette, sometimes to free herself from his patronage. In this way she must have explained to him that she wanted him to be 3 . be less presentth Town Hall floor. Similarly, she separated from some relatives of the former mayor and used her own free will to form the regional list. Gilbert Annette preferred to see more “politics”, while Erica Beregats preferred to favor members of civil society.

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And these are just a few examples.

According to a well-known Town Hall source, Gilbert Annette may have decided to show Erica Beregats that he was still the real boss at Town Hall and that she was nothing without him.

Equipment of the first missile Thierry Robert tool

In a Machiavellian manner, he initially encouraged her to get closer to Thierry Robert, knowing that this political showdown was going to be disastrous for the top-list a few days before the first round. How to keep only word of solemnity in mouth and at the same time be criticized for the recent conviction of Didier Robert and at the same time display a guilty one with an olfactory reputation?

good game.

Some bundles of sounds “slipped”

But that was not enough. Through some secure network, a few packets of voices from die-hard activists skilfully slid to Didier Robert’s list. The result, we know it: the outgoing president of the regional council came out on top in Saint-Denis, ahead of the reigning mayor by a few votes.

It was small but the symbol was strong.

either she arches her back or she forms a front

Two options are now available to Erica Beregats: either she bows her head and agrees to go even more under her stepfather’s caudal thorn, which she already had.”surrounded“His two sons Didier and Christophe, one as campaign manager and the other as financial agent, assisted him during the campaign in the sense given to us by our highly fictitious Creole language, not to mention Uncle Christian who was a good addition to the list. It would not be enough to impose an honorary fine for him in place, in which case he would have to give strong signs of allegiance.

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Either she sticks to her desire for independence and decides to stand up to her stepfather. With all the risks involved.

However, he has a chance: the next municipal elections are in 5 years and the only important elections in about a year are legislative elections. She may decide to stand up and count in this coming year to take over the reins of her town hall. And count on the fact that Gilbert Annette is already 75 years old and his arteries will become more and more heavy as he ages. But in such a situation, there may be games on the third floor in the coming months…

As they say, the matter must be continued.

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