Pierre-American Aubamiang: Arsenal captain’s body language ‘worrying’, says Pierce Morgan | Football News

Pierce Morgan said Arsenal captain Pierre-Aubameyang’s negative body language was a major concern in Sunday’s derby against Tottenham in the London derby.

Arsenal have won three Premier League games without a win since Manchester United on 1 November, scoring just three goals as they record two defeats in three games.

Obama ended speculation about his future by signing a three-year deal with the club in September, scoring just one league goal from day one of the season, which was Arsenal’s penalty at Old Trafford.

In this game in form, Arsenal are 14th in the table in Sunday’s fight with Spurs, who are top of the Premier League and unbeaten since the opening weekend of the season.

Obama has scored just two goals in 10 Premier League games this season

“There’s something right now about body language, especially about Aubamiang,” Arsenal supporter Morgan told Sky Sports News.

“Whether he lacks confidence because he hasn’t scored for a few games, whether there’s something behind the scenes … Arsenal I think something is going on behind the scenes.

Sunday, December 6 at 4:15 p.m.

Kicked at four-thirty in the afternoon

“Whether it’s related to Mesut Ozil and his situation, জানি 35,000 a week went to someone sitting on his PlayStation, I don’t know, but it seems to have fallen into this category – a bit of dissatisfaction, lack of fighting, lack of passion, consistent tactics. Lack, and all of this we got them a few weeks ago, so they went somewhere.

“It’s worrying, and I think the most worrying thing for him is what’s going on with Obama. I’m hoping that some kind of stress and adrenaline rush from the North London Derby will rekindle him I’m form he was last season . “

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Michael Arteta
Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta faces further scrutiny due to low form

Arsenal’s recent struggles over head coach Mikel Arteta, who has been widely credited with the impact he had after Unai Emery’s replacement with the club last December, have intensified investigations into the club’s FA Cup win.

With the Spurs only eight points from Sunday’s clash, Morgan believes the Spaniard needs more time to build the squad of his choice.

“I think you always have to give a new manager, I believe, maybe three or four windows. They have to get the team they want to judge,” Morgan said.

“Ironically I felt we had a very good transfer window at the end. We brought in some good players to Gabriel, (Thomas) Part, Willian. We resigned to Aubamiang – it all looked good.

“I still believe in Arteta in the long run. I think Arteta is the right kind of character. I always say Wenger took us a long way. Eight The first eight years he was intelligent, the next 14 years he was not a genius and I think Wenger’s last few years. We’ve really lost our way this year and it’ll take some time to get back to the top. “

With both sides in doubt for Sunday’s match, Spurs are waiting for England captain Harry Kane and Arsenal in the fitness of summer-signing Thomas Party.

Thomas Part impressed with Arsenal's 1-0 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford
Thomas Part impressed with Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford

The Ghanaian midfielder, who joined from Atletico Madrid, was instrumental in Arsenal’s win over Manchester United, but was substituted at half-time against Aston Villa in the next league match and has not played since.

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Arteta warned earlier this week that he still hoped to miss the “next few games” of the party, but Morgan is hoping for a surprise return.

“I think the party is the key,” Morgan said. “He seemed to be the lynching pin of this United win, so I’m just praying he’s fit and why not get Harry on the pitch.

“I’m a big believer in the party. I think he’s from Diego Simon School. He looks like a decent world-class player, a decent general to me, and I’m hopeful he’ll take care of us.”

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