Pierce Morgan bombed Meghan Markle and ‘doll’ Prince Harry ‘hostage’ Royal in the United States | News

Good Morning Britain host Sussex has been fired again. Mr Morgan claims that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has “some robotic mechanisms” that she uses to control Prince Harry.

He said: “The endless videos where he sits or stands next to her reminds me of the hostage videos every time he appears – he talks mostly and he’s like a dirty doll.

“It’s almost like he’s got some robotic mechanism that transmits rice to his mouth, but the whole thing is very sad.”

Mr Morgan said his attitude towards the Duchess of Sussex arose after he was “rude enough” to her.

The TV host claimed that the Duchess had avoided him after giving him some media advice.

He told the Australian Daily Telegraph: “I was giving him media advice and asking another member of the actor in the suits and he asked if he could have a drink with me at my local pub and we met and we were having a great time, and I thought he really was. That was great.

“And then I literally put him in a cab for a meal and he met Harry at that dinner and I never heard from him again. I thought it was pretty rude.”

The most recent job came to Mr. Morgan’s couple when he said the pair should drop their royal titles.

He made the remarks after appearing in a video in Sussex in which he called on U.S. citizens to vote in the presidential election.

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He wrote in the Daily Mail: “Although they have never mentioned Biden’s name, it has been made clear who they are with, not this man sitting in the White House and tweeting disgusting arguments.

“By expressing themselves in such a shameless biased way they have crossed a huge line which should now have fatal consequences for their couple who specialize in gaining their royal cake and the freedom to eat it.

“The Royals do not do politics. However, not in public. “

He added: “This is one of the main rules of being a member of the Royal Family – do not deprive the public of your own opinion as it will damage the integrity of the monarchy.”

Mr Morgan claims the queen must snatch both of their royal titles.

He writes: “So, Meghan and Harry have now left the Queen with no choice: she must snatch their titles before doing further damage.

“The integrity and neutrality of the monarchy demands it.”

Sussex resigned as a senior member of the Royal Family earlier this year.

Despite stepping out of royal life, the couple still holds several official titles.

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