Physicians and epidemiologists satisfied with re-control

Will these measures be enough to prevent deteriorating health conditions? On Thursday, as France faces a new outbreak of the coronovirus epidemic, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a new four-week establishment in 16 departments, including -le-de-France. France is also included. In the program, in particular: with only one certificate, authorized “within a radius of 10 kilometers” around the house, but “with no time limit”. Enough to get out of this third wave? Contacted by Europe 1, many experts welcome the content of these new measures in any case.

Dominic Costagliola, epidemiologist for Indram, says he is “pleasantly surprised that serious measures have been taken”. “I was afraid we would take measures that were unlikely given the impact of the weekend lockdown in the respective departments. And to conclude:” I think it is likely to have an impact “.

Role of verification

By limiting the population mix, the circulation of the virus should decrease in the coming weeks. And the travel certificate, which has returned, should serve as a reminder of the state of a very fragile epidemic, explains Benjamin Davido, infectious disease specialist at Raymond PoincarĂ© Hospital in Garmets. “Traveling with a certificate and remembering daily that a health condition requires you to minimize your contacts will have a very strong impact on the main sources of contamination, in my opinion,” he said.

Patrick Goldstein, head of Samu du Nord, regrets that “there is a tendency to oppose doctors who are ‘Ayatollahs” of imprisonment against a civilized society who want to continue to breathe and live”. Doctors, orders, nurses, he recalls, “all have equal citizens, so they will be punished like everyone else”.

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“Last big effort”

“We sought imprisonment. Today, this imprisonment is hardly harder than some of us imagined, meaning we are in a happier medium”, Patrick Goldstein continues, “to have hope”. “I am deeply convinced that this is the last major effort the French are asking for. The light at the end of the tunnel is actually there, and it is most likely for summer.”

The only downside, according to experts, is that telecom and catering measures in companies are not comprehensive enough.

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