Photographed ‘Gateway’ to Mars

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On Mars, the Curiosity robot has immortalized a strange rock formation that has given rise to wild hypotheses.

From Mars, the Curiosity robot has once again immortalized a fascinating snapshot of the Martian landscape. One of them gave a strong response on the web. On May 7, at Sol 3466, the Mastcam of the NASA instrument captured an interesting panorama. On the photo, taking a closer look, we can clearly distinguish a rock formation that looks like a doorway to a troglodyte dwelling. disturbing. For some, there will also be an object placed in the bottom right, which will open said door. So on specialty sites like Reddit and community forums, scenarios have popped up…

In case others are convinced that there is an extraterrestrial habitat before their eyes, the exclusive magazine “Sill & Espace”, which relayed the photo on its Twitter account, specified that it was a landslide. “Of course it is not (probably) an alien door, but a landslide after a fracture in the rock! On this comprehensive plan, we can even distinguish many of them,” we can read.

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Another view of a rock formation captured by Curiosity.


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The US space agency robot, which has been rolling over the surface of Mars since 2012, has only one goal: to find locations that will reveal whether Gale Crater was habitable in the distant past. In 2018, NASA detected the most complex organic material found on the surface of Mars. Samples of organic material from rocks that are 3.5 billion years old were collected from 5 cm deep at the base of Mount Sharp, inside Gale Crater, believed to be an ancient lake.

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