Photo Smartphones Under 400 Euro: 8 Best

Every year, smartphone makers compete for innovation in processors, screens, and of course, cameras. This constant technological advancement has allowed smartphones to differentiate compact cameras. More practical and more versatile, the photo smartphone is perfect for taking quality photos without breaking the bank. However, to find the ideal equipment, you have to be cautious on certain points. First, don’t focus on the number of megapixels, because that number isn’t everything. In fact, identifying your uses is top-notch. Do you like taking selfies? So a good forehead device is a must. Do you enjoy taking pictures of subjects on the go? Opt for a photophone with an optical stabilizer to avoid blurry photos. Similarly, many photo sensors of which wide-angle is an important criterion. Lastly, storage space is essential, as it is essential not to reduce storage capacity if you take a lot of photos. Here’s a selection of 8 Photo smartphone models under 400 Euro.

Our pick:

  1. Smartphone Xiaomi Poco F3 5G
  2. realme 8 pro smartphone
  3. realme 7 pro smartphone
  4. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite
  5. oneplus nord smartphone
  6. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10T
  7. Smartphone Google Pixel 4a
  8. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A52

Criteria for choosing the best photo smartphone under 400 euros

Above all, the best smartphone camera is the one that best suits your use. However, there are some essentials that you shouldn’t overlook when choosing your photo smartphone under $400. First, don’t be fooled by the number of megapixels put forward by brands. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good photo. Thus, you also need to take into account the aperture of the lens. For example it can be represented as f/1.8. The bottom line is that the smaller the number, the brighter your lens will be. This will allow you to take better pictures in poor light conditions. Then pay special attention to the front or rear sensors depending on your use. A wide-angle front is ideal if you enjoy taking pictures of natural landscapes. Conversely, if you take selfies often, a pretty decent front sensor with a solid portrait mode is ideal. Finally, some brands are known for their photo capabilities. We can especially mention Google, Xiaomi and Apple.

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How to print photos from your smartphone?

The best way to print photos from your smartphone is to use a pocket printer. These practical tools are easily transportable. Therefore, you can print your most cherished memories at any time. In addition, it frees up space on your smartphone or micro-SD card. The operation of a smartphone photo printer is quite simple. They have a rechargeable battery via a USB cable and can print between 10 and 50 photos on average. To do this, simply download the dedicated application. Then, via a Bluetooth connection, your smartphone and your printer will be connected. All you have to do is edit your photos in the app, then print them in seconds. The most well-known brands of pocket printers are Polaroid, Kodak, HP and Canon. The best-performing models are the Polaroid Mint Printer, Kodak Mini 2 and Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3.

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