Phone Calls: “Noise Reduction” Accessibility Option on iPhone 13 Reduced to Nothing

The iPhone 13 has a surprising absence that has been noted by users on Reddit and Apple’s support forums. the option Noise reduction in settings easy use , audiovisual Customers are virtually absent on the new smartphone, whereas it is present on the iPhone 12 (and previous models, for that matter). This option reduces ambient background sounds during phone calls when the receiver is attached to your ear.

Noise reduction option on iPhone 12 (left) is missing on iPhone 13 (right).

FaceTime includes a similar function (to be activated from Control Center), but cellular calls on the iPhone 13 are deprived of it. This is a problem because it is sometimes difficult for a reporter to hear what the user is saying. If the latter is in a noisy environment. On the contrary, it happens that this option can also spoil the quality of the voice and we want to disable it.

The problem started in October, shortly after the launch of the iPhone 13. According to several users who have contacted Apple customer service, the manufacturer is aware and a fix is ​​in development (the bug persists in iOS 15.3 beta).

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