Phoebe Diners was seen as a couple at Wimbledon

The rumors were short-lived! Bridgeton’s premiere on Netflix and the event after that Shonda Rhimes, there were versions that indicated that its protagonists Phoebe Danever and reggae-Jean Page were dating together. However, within a few months it was revealed that the actress had a boyfriend and This was confirmed this Saturday as they were seen as a couple at the Wimbledon tournament in London.look at the photos!

The 26-year-old actress made her first public appearance together Pete DavidsonMILF the actor saturday night live who is 27 years old. The courtship versions were born in March and were confirmed this morning as the couple was shown witnessing the encounter Roger Federer and Cameron Corey.

pictures were obtained by just Jared, where we saw lovers enter All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club Under an umbrella because of the drizzle in the English capital. The same media reported sharing the box with the British comedian and presenter, Jack Whitehall. It also emerged that Davidson had purchased an official hat from Grand Slam Tennis.

Photos: Phoebe Diever and Pete Davidson together in public for the first time

That way, the new couple was able to have a great time while accepting the biggest challenge in their relationship: Distance. English actress shines even more in UK Bridgeton’s second season shooting in this country. for its part, Pete was born in New York and works for SNL in the United States..

“Pete and Phoebe are still going strong, even though they can’t spend time together physically. They keep in touch via SMS and FaceTime. At the moment they are just focusing on work, rushing things Not trying.” An Us Weekly source commented on the artist’s estrangement in April. At least so far, they have been able to fix it.

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