Philip Schofield has no plans to divorce Stephanie after she came out gay

Philip Schofield said he revealed he was gay since he and wife Stephanie did not talk about divorce.

This morning host Phil, 58, said of their relationship: “We are choosing our path. Progress is his job.”

The couple’s father, married for 227 years, came out in public in February.

However, he said: “I am still married to Stephen. With divorce … we didn’t discuss it at all. “

And he said he had to “reconcile” himself with the pain he had endured.

He told Chris Evans’ podcast: “It’s not in my nature to hurt people.

“How can you not come out and hurt your wife? It’s not. My biggest concern is her.”

Philip Schofield has yet to discuss divorce plans with his wife, Stephanie

Holly Wilfby, co-host of The Morning, said in a statement about Steve: “I love him very much. He is the omnipotent soul I have met. “

For Phil, worth 9 9 million, Henley of Axon has applied to convert a garage in their home into a bachelor pad.

Holly Wilfby and her co-star Philip Schofield

In his autobiography, he cites the advice that he lied to Steve: “I don’t know if I was gay when I married Steppe. If I had, I would not have got married. ”

“When things really get dark, [Steph] They reminded me of how much they loved me and there was nothing that the four of us couldn’t handle. ”

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