Philadelphia court supervisor smashes BLM signs

According to a new report, a Philadelphia Family Court supervisor was caught in the video by tearing Black Lives Matter signs from a city park fence and then saying black life wasn’t important to him.

Michael Henkel, 61, worked as a writer-presenter at the Pennsylvania First Judicial District, Philadelphia Researcher reported.

A video widely shared on social media It shows that Henkel removed multiple signs from a fence at Columbus Square in South Philadelphia.

It can be heard that a woman is facing her saying, “This is not your property.”

“I know, the city, I pay for it … my taxes pay for this place, you know,” he replied. “So I can do what I want.”

“And I’m always here,” he added.

The woman lived in the region and said, “It is important that Black lives!” He said he added.

“Not for me,” Henkel withdrew.

In a statement Monday, Family Court spokesman Marty O’Rourke told Interrogator Henkel “he is no longer working.”

According to O’Rourke, the termination of the state court system’s Code of Conduct and the Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Policy was based on “multiple violations”.

O’Rourke said that Henkel “had nothing to do with the cases”, but supervised the employees.

“The court takes the incident very seriously and believes Henkel’s behavior shown in the video is terrible and completely unacceptable for an employee of the courts,” the judicial district told the newspaper. Said.

Leslie Chapman, 42, who lives a few blocks from the park, told Inquirer that the signs were placed on the metal fence on Friday afternoon as part of a child-friendly walk.

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He made a rainbow drawing with a cardboard sign that says “Black Lives Matter”.

“He ruined this beautiful memory of the peaceful, racially different march of Henkel’s actions,” he said.

“It’s really horrible for that adult to take it away from children,” he said. “The kids probably had a lot of fun doing these signs.”

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