Phil Spencer confirmed that some Bethesda series could become multipliers

Xbox branch chief executive Phil Spencer spoke with Todd Howard, producer and executive director of Bethesda. As already mentioned. Phil Spencer has officially confirmed that the game is currently in development for other platforms, including the PS5, to be awarded. However, he goes further and points out that the lawsuit could possibly be released on the Sony console without naming its rival.

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« I cannot say that all Bethesda sports will be exclusions. Everyone here knows that this is not true. We have obligations that we should respect. We have games on other platforms and we will support those games. They have a community of players, we love those communities and we will continue to invest in them. And also in the future, there are series from which we can continue the legacy. We also have a goal, which is to provide great games on platforms where the game passes. »

It is clear that Bethesda must have games in development on the PS5, and that they have to honor them. Microsoft, for its part, assures, but we should not forget, that the company is committed to its image Good boy Phil Spencer has tried to build him since the arrival of the head of the Xbox branch. On the other hand, nothing is stopping Microsoft from launching a game on Xbox or offering additional content on Xbox and PC with one to two years of exclusivity on the PS5.

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On the other hand, these are current intentions, nothing says that in 5 years Microsoft will finally decide to keep these titles on Xbox and PC. These are declarations of intent. As a reminder, Skyrim was released in 2011, and if a lot of time passes between The Elder Scrolls 6 and its sequel, we’ll be on PlayStation 6 and a lot has changed.

We can recall in any case that Bethesda’s flagship series are already guaranteed to see the land announced on the PS5. For the rest, these are declarations of intent, but watching The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield is already good news for players on the PS5.

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