Pets are not touched in the UK

French international footballer Kurt Zouma has caused a tornado in Britain. It all started when his brother Yoan posted a video online on Sunday 6 February that showed the player kicking and then slapping one of his two cats. According to a relative of the France team and West Ham club defender, he was furious because his cat had broken a vase and a lamp. Brother’s laugh in the background of the video.

In the UK, pets are sacred

The player quickly apologized and made sure his two cats “are loved and cherished” and that it “isolated incident” Not to be repeated, the video caused a flood of outrage and anger on the social network. In the UK, pets are sacred. “We noticed that people found this video funny,” said Maggie Roberts, a member of a charity organization to protect cats. “However, the police work closely with the RSPCA to investigate animal cruelty cases.”

The RSPCA, the British equivalent of the French SPA, is one of the most admired organizations by the British. In 2019, it investigated 93,362 animal cruelty complaints, prosecuted 1,685 people and convicted 661. In the Zouma case, she revealed that the player had given her two of her cats. “For Health Checkup” and that’“As long as the investigation is on, he will remain in the RSPCA”.

Animal welfare, looking for a third way

West Ham may have made the situation worse by playing Kurt Zouma against Watford on Tuesday night, “Because he’s one of our best players”, Justified your instructor. Throughout the match, the Frenchman was booed at every touch of the ball by opponents as well as people in his club. After this the anger of internet users doubled. Celebrities joined in. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was also asked about this in a TV interview: “This is condemnable, and immediate action should be taken, he told. The RSPCA and the police must act to prosecute this player, ,

Evacuation of dogs and cats from Afghanistan

The British have a passion for pets, to the extent that 27% of them funded donations made to the animal cause in 2020. More of them donate to animals than associations caring for children (24%), homeless (19%), disabled (10%) or elderly (7%). In August, Boris Johnson, an adviser to the prime minister, allowed the flight of 173 dogs and cats from Afghanistan.

Kurt Zouma was fined the equivalent of two weeks’ salary (€290,000) by his club and Adidas terminated his sponsorship contract. Ultimately, his career in the Premier League (English Football Championship) could be compromised.

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