Peter Dinklage stars in adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac

Peter Dinklage’s wife, Erica Schmidt, adapted the 1897 French drama Cyrano de Bergerac into an Off-Broadway musical with her husband in the title role, her dwarfism replacing Cyrano’s normally overly large nose.

His film adaptation of Cyrano, a new take on the classic, is directed by Wright, who calls it “a musical for those who don’t like music.”

The heartwarming tale of unrequited love stays close to the original. Peter Dinklage is Cyrano, a master of words and a soldier, renowned and feared for his brilliant swordsmanship and sharp wit. He’s in love with the beautiful Roxanne since they were kids, but he’s too afraid to tell her, certain his feelings won’t be reciprocated because of her small size.

Roxanne falls in love with Christian, a young recruit from Cyrano’s regiment. Christian is beautiful and kind, but when it comes to flowery prose and courtship, Roxanne dreams. Cyrano agrees to write him the letter on Christian’s behalf, and she is swayed by Christian’s passionate and poetic eloquence. Years later, as the story unfolds, Roxanne learns that Cyrano is actually the author of love letters.

Peter Dinklage is a joy to watch as a love soldier/poet and brings a deep sense of passion and disapproval to Cyrano’s tortured soul. It’s a very personal performance and it’s really heartbreaking at times. People say that this could be the best performance of his career.

The film is moving but also fun and entertaining, beautifully shot and well acted, and it feels organic and natural when they start singing and dancing. Even if you don’t like music, take a look: Cyrano might pleasantly surprise you.

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Cyrano runs for a week at the Salmar Classic every evening from Friday 15 April to Thursday 21 April at 7:30 pm.

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