Peter Andre looks naked when the girl Princess brutally calls him ugly

Peter Andre looks naked when the girl Princess brutally calls him ugly

Peter Andre was devastated when his daughter, the princess, brutally raped him.

The 13-year-old was joking when he told his famous father, “You’re so ugly.”

Pete, who shared his daughter and son Jr. with ex-wife Katie Price, threw away the dishes, the princess portrayed herself on the kitchen counter.

While the camera was off, his father could be heard saying: “What are you laughing at?”

The princess laughed and said, “You’re so ugly!”

But when her father replied “yes, I’m here” with a bruised look on her face, the princess rushed straight to make the record.

“Oh, I love you,” she said.

The princess jokingly called her father ugly

He captioned his video: “It’s a joke I can’t talk in that Petradra.”

Peter, 47, and Princess have a very close bond and they are often seen teasing each other on their reality show Life with the Andres, which continues tonight.

The singer, who shares the baby Emilia, six, and Theo, three wives with Emily, have been trying their best to encourage the Princess’ singing skills lately.

Fans were shocked when he recorded a song and shared a video of his joining.

Peter looked greedy

She was just teasing him

Since they’ve been working together in the studio, Pete needs to have more confidence in her voice as she informs the princess.

She said on her family show: “My kids love to sing them

After a few line belts, the princess told her father that she felt the backing track was weird.

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He told her: “But just listen to me and you will see what I mean.

He pretended to be really upset

“You know what I mean? You’ve got a beautiful voice.

“You just have confidence” “

Junior is a good singer just like his sister.

She recently released her voice in a YouTube video of Mat Katie.

As soon as she was portrayed by the Princess she sang “I see you in the morning, baby girl.

“Let me show you something from my world.”

The teenager soon stopped embarrassed, but not before Katie’s followers were fascinated by her talent.

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