Pet dog floods bedroom after turning on tap, damages property worth Rs 4 lakh in UK – Reuters

Pets are wonderful companions and for those of us lucky enough, they often seem to be on the lookout for or are friendly beyond any sort of fuss they create. However, while the nuisance has resulted in a loss of close to ₹4 lakh to the owner, it remains to be seen whether the owner is still unaffected by it. We say this because recently a young Labrador named Whiskey did exactly that. As Wells Online reports, Whiskey, who recently learned to turn on a tap, actually turned on the cold water tap while its owner was away from home. The dog flooded the room, causing a loss of around 4,000 pounds (₹4 lakh), which was seen on the home’s security camera. This was revealed by insurance agent Aviva at the famous Crufts dog show, which is returning this week.

Aviva said it receives about 800 dog-related accidental damage claims in the UK every year and that turning on the whiskey tap and filling the room with water was the most unique of them all. He said the value of claims arising from dog-related accidents averaged around £1,100 (₹1,09,847), making the whiskey case the most expensive.

Aviva talked about several other dog-related accidents. According to another unusual dog complaint handled by Aviva, a dog threw a laptop into a bucket of water while the owner was cleaning his fish tank. A dog knocked a decorator over a stepladder, spilling two liters of paint down stairs in a similar incident. One owner’s dog got excited when he saw another dog on TV. He jumped up and removed the television from its stand. A dog knocked over a bucket of bleach while a woman was cleaning, an antique barometer hit a wall, and a dog knocked a can of paint off a window, among other incidents. In another incident, a dog trapped its owner, who was holding a drink that had landed on his electronic keyboard.

“Dogs are beloved members of millions of homes in the UK. They become involved in all aspects of family life and sometimes our property is the first victim,” said Kelly Whittington, UK property claims manager for Aviva.

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