Peruvian treatment has stopped testing the covid vaccine after the patient had nervous problems

The Peruvian government has suspended the trial of a large coronavirus vaccine candidate in China after a participant was subjected to a deadly treatment episode, even the country has claimed it will start the job within the next three months.

Peruvian Health Minister Pillar Majetti said the National Institutes of Health (INS) had decided to temporarily suspend the trial of synoform in the country to assess the reason behind the adverse event, which saw one participant experience nervous symptoms.

German Malaga, a lead researcher at the local Keitano Heredia University involved in the study, said the volunteer had lost strength in his legs, among other symptoms.

Authorities are trying to determine if the cause of the outbreak was a vaccine or something else. The vaccine was due to expire in the first phase of testing within the next few days.

The syrup form vaccine is not the only option for Peru, and the government says it is in talks to receive 226 million units of the vaccine from Russia, China and the United Kingdom.

Mrs. Majetti noted that the most important thing to them is a vaccine that is safe for the public

The Synoform vaccine is being developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group and is one of the few vaccines that Chinese companies have developed.

Last month, after an unfortunate incident, Brazil’s health regulator suspended clinical trials of another Covid-19 vaccine made by China, Coronavac.

On Sunday, the Peruvian government announced that it had almost finalized a deal for about 9.9 million doses of the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine and that the first batch could arrive later this month. It said it had signed a deal with the WHO’s Kovacs facility for 13.2 million units of the vaccine, but was only expected to arrive in the second half of 2021.

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