Peru’s justice gives separatists another blow

Polisario has suffered yet another diplomatic setback in Latin America, as several countries have withdrawn their recognition of the so-called SADR. Thus, Peru’s justice decided, this week, to reject the appeal filed by the alleged “ambassadors of the visit” of the separatists in Khadijatau el Mokhtar, Latin America. And the latter seized the country’s Constitutional Court in 2017 to protest against his expulsion decision taken by the Peruvian Immigration Service. The decision was taken as unanimous approval by the seven judges of the said court, following this effort, taking the decision as final. Khadijatou el Mokhtar, carrier of Spanish nationality, “to hold a diplomatic position in the name of an imaginary entity whose existence Peru has denied for a quarter of a century”. This is what Peruvian media sources say.

On September 9, 2017, the Polisario leader took legal action against the Director General of Immigration and the nationality of the Ministry of the Interior and officials of this Directorate, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic. But under the new decision, the person becomes non-Greta in Khadijato el Mokhtar Peru. Prior to this decision of the court, the applicant had participated in various public events and political activities as an “ambassador” of the Polisario, which the court considered a violation of all immigration laws of the country against internal and public order. It should be noted that the alleged Polisario diplomat was appointed to the post by Brahim Gali in June 2017, as part of a massive redevelopment operation in several capitals of the world, especially in countries in South America. Three months later, the Peruvian police prevented him from going to the airport in the capital Lima, as he presented himself to the police as the “ambassador” of the Polisario.

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Hoping to re-edit Amintou Haider’s landscape in the Canary Islands, he then denounced a work of the Moroccan lobby and encouraged by his leader, he drove the Peruvian airport’s international arena to undertake a hunger strike Destroyed. After offering to return to Peru as a “tourist”, which he declined, and ending all human means at his disposal, Peru’s security officials then decided to deport him to Spain. In an official response to the case, Peru’s diplomacy reported that “it was decided to restrict Spanish citizen Khadijato El Mokhtar’s access to Peru for violating his migrant status as a tourist during his stay in our country”. . “The Spanish citizen remains at Lima’s international airport voluntarily, noting that he has refused to re-embrace his country of origin and does not accept the facilities offered to him by the national superintendent in charge of migration Is “, added Peru Foreign Ministry of Affairs.

It should be recalled that Peru withdrew its recognition of the “SADR” in 1996 under the mandate of President Alberto Fujimori (1995–2000), a decision that was made by his successors Alejandro Toledo (2001–166), Andy García Perez ( Was renewed) (2006–2011), Olanta Humala (2011–2016) and the current President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynsk, have been in office since July 2016.

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