Persistence and ingenuity are together before their division to explore Mars

It’s coming soon: On April 11, Ingenuity will rise in the air above the soil of Mars, if all goes well. Before their separation, Perseverance immortalized this memorable scene of two machines in the Jagero crater. fabulous!

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Everyday, NASA Receives images of Mars taken by Firmness More, little, little Helicopter The simplicity that he carried with him. During the Easter weekend, the latter weighed 1.8. Kilogram Made a big jump from the belly of the Earth (and 680 grams on Mars) Itinerant Where it hung, on the ground below, a few centimeters below. It was a bit like “Percy” had just laid an egg … but an egg had already been hatched (its protective shell had been dropped a few days earlier), which, in the process, was one of its new environments. The photo was also taken. Before sniffing.

A selfie before starting an adventure

since, Firmness 3.9 meters away from his partner and this 6 April 46I Martian Day, Watson Instrument (Wide angle topographic sensor for operation and eNgineering), Grafted onto the long robotic arm of the rover, capturing some 62 images, combined here into one photo, where they were both seen. A great scene bringing together two representatives of high human technologies in Vishal The desert Martian. Both are ready for their Martian feats.

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These last soils – Martian days (they are 40 minutes longer than terrestrial days) -, the rover drifted away from the experimental machine so as not to interrupt the first one. The movements. Since his feet are on the ground, the engineers Jpl Check its general condition, and if Its components are resistant to cold nights on the surface of Mars. (Below -90 ° C). Ingenuity did its first stretch and has just reached Earth, Via Rover-mate, images of its blade unlocking.

Simplicity meets history

If the weather conditions are favorable, Ingenuity will fly on Sunday, April 11. (Otherwise, it will be one of the next days.) For his first aerobatic, he has to rise three meters up Jzero crater For 20 to 30 seconds.

If this feat succeeds, the drone-helicopter will go down in legend as the first craft to fly across the skies of another planet. So, let’s find out during the press conference on the first results obtained by NASA on 12 April.

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