People spend more time on TikTok than on YouTube and Netflix

According to a recent report by analyst firm App Annie, the Chinese video-sharing platform is used so much that its users now prefer it as a hobby to alternatives like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix. The coronavirus pandemic played a part in the overshoot, but TikTok’s lead is set to grow.

popularity of TIC Toc Evolution continues, and it is the online and offline emergence of costume phenomenon to demonstrate that transcends the boundaries of the platform of Chinese origin: from dance to music and challenges through characters (Tiktoker Khabi Lang is an example at the top). We are now more and more often talking about Tiktok. Not only this: the app is used so much that its users They prefer it as a hobby to alternatives like YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix..

Compare with other applications

The data comes from the analytics company App Annie and refers to the American and British public, but is nonetheless important considering that the habits of this group of users are similar to those of the European public. In the areas covered by the survey, it appears that users, on average, spend more time on Chinese sharing platforms than the apps that have literally dominated the online entertainment landscape in recent years. From 2019 to 2021, the average number of hours spent on TikTok increased from 12.8 hours per month 24 hours and a half, or 26 hours in the UK; That’s only 17.5 hours of usage per month, compared to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

role of pandemic

The comparison with other platforms is even more clear: In the United States, Instagram lags behind by less than 7 hours per month, as well as – more naturally – WhatsApp, while Netflix lags by almost 5 hours. The only online reality that App Annie says can stand up to TikTok youtubewhere users go Average 22 hours per month. was coronavirus pandemic Sure has played a part in attracting more users to the prescribed form of entertainment offered by TikTok’s short clips, but according to the analyst firm, TikTok has an advantage over rival apps. intention to increase That too in the coming months.

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