Penn Badgley was seen shooting season 4 at a UK university

No one expected to hear this morning in the news: Netflix star shoots You at a UK university.

You One of Netflix’s most popular shows, and follows everyone’s favorite stalker/serial killer Joe Goldberg as he obsesses over a host of different women, ends up dating them, and… well , given that we described it as a killer series, you can imagine that things are not going well.

Now it’s coming to your nearest university!

As Badgley attended a UK university, students took to TikTok to share the news.

A user captioned their video: “I arrived on campus today and they were shooting for season 4 of ‘U’.

Penn Badgley in the costume of a professor. credit: @kenzflani/TikTok

The video shows Goldberg looking like a perfect professor—you know what we mean, a tan blazer, waistcoat, and pants that don’t match perfectly, but some kind of work, or, as in They said. Apparently a user says “omg he’s a teacher”.

A film crew follows the well-dressed actor as he roams the campus, even taking a quick spin as he goes for a catwalk.

So what campus is Badgley roaming around, I hear you ask? None other than Royal Holloway.

Yes, campus university which is considered part of the University of London but is not located near the city.

Yet they have Badgley, whereas most of the capital’s universities don’t even have parking.

Naturally, people were “angry” at the clip—not a Goldberg-level pinball machine, but a pinball machine nonetheless.

The actor wandered around the campus.  credit: @kenzflani/TikTok
The actor wandered around the campus. credit: @kenzflani/TikTok

One user said, “I want 100 more seasons of this,” while another said, “This is the third Tiktok I’ve seen on this in 10 minutes.”

To be fair, we wouldn’t even want to teach in the UK, but that has more to do with salary, rather than planning to be in Paris.

Although the final season’s release date hasn’t been announced yet, many expect it to fall around October this year — just in time for the spooky season.

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