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Pence does not. Ward of Trump revoked power

Date 06 January 2021 Time 10:37

Trump put his last hope in Pence in an attempt to reverse the choice since it was rejected.

On January 6, the US Congress holds a meeting to count the votes of electoral bodies from each state. To support official election results

Vice President Mike Pence chaired a parliamentary meeting to review and vote on the approval of the election results. Including the announcement of the names of the President and Vice President.

President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly opposed the election results, has previously posted on his personal Twitter: “The Vice President has the power to reject corrupt voters.”

It was reported that Trump may have Pence, who chaired the vote-counting meeting, who halted the counting of votes.

But the latest ABC news agency reports that Pence told Trump during lunch that he had no power to turn the results of the November election. Although he was the chairman of the meeting

As a result of the November election, Joe Biden will receive 306 votes from the electorate, while Trump will receive 232.

President Donald Trump is about to hand over the post to President Joe. Biden will win the election on 20 January.


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