Pedro Sanchez and the Separatist or Angry Grace

The Spanish government’s decision to consider pardoning 12 Catalan politicians convicted of treason caused a strong reaction in the political arena and even among the Spaniards. In fact, they are 7 out of 10 Spaniards to reject This grace that must be granted very soon, certainly and in spite of very unfavorable public opinion.

According to a survey conducted by the organization Sociometrica, 78.1% of Spaniards think that the pardon of the condemned would be “an incentive for freedom to repeat its challenge”, and 72.5% of socialist supporters are against the government’s decision. It is the last remaining of the domains of the Spanish executive and even the sovereignty of King Felipe VI, one of whom says acquaintances on the subject with Pedro Sánchez.

Twelve related, an expression that sounds like the title of a movie, are actually nine to taste in the straw of the Ledoners prison north of Barcelona, ​​serving sentences of 9 to 13 years. The latter are named Oriol Junqueras, Ral Romeva, Jordi Tural, Josep Rull, Joaquim Forn, Dolors Bassa, Carme Forcadelle, Jordi Cuexert, Jordi Sánchez … and have received prison sentences for treason (and his partner Santi Villa, Meritxel Boras and Carles Mundo with a residential sentence of one year and eight months). The Spanish government, headed by Pedro Sánchez, now plans to pardon these Catalan political representatives to unblock the situation and start a new phase of negotiations with the separatists.

Although he did not explicitly say so, the Spanish executive is steadfast in its commitment to pardons and, in this spirit, many members of the government are already testing the ground to get used to the idea of ​​what even a partial pardon is. Might be popular. Furthermore, Pedro Sánchez has placed himself in “the voice of his master, with no offense intended for the choice of the Spaniards, to listen to the European Council which also recommends launching Spain”. An open and constructive dialogue with all political forces of Catalonia«.

Pedro Sánchez has argued in recent hours that ” Discord doesn’t make a country He made the announcement from Costa Rica, the final stop of his Latin America tour, and spoke to many about the schedule for this Sunday at the “Plaza de Colón de Madrid” organized by PP, CS and Vox to reject the decision. Ask questions. Apologies that the head of government has planned to grant grants to Catalan politicians imprisoned since October 2017.” Knowing that there are compatriots about to pardon Catalan politicians, I ask them to understand. Do they believe that the challenge is worth it and that we must move from a bad past to a better future and that the motherland is built to coexist, with respect to democratic legitimacy and to coexist », underlined the chief executive. Blablaba which we hardly consider more in the peninsula.

And besides, it is not in everyone’s opinion, because even in the left camp, no one talks too much. For example, for Salvador Illa, leader of the Catalan Socialists, ” Grace is a sign of generosity, generosity and affirmation of the rule of law “. He also underlined that this decision, which was well-regarded in Moncloa, was not taken on the basis of elections, but ” Political conviction that everyone can defend”. and drive the point home“Those who only want electoral interests” can do no service to Spain or Catalonia ».

The leader of the opposition and president of the PP, Pablo Casado, who occupied a prominent position in the demonstration in Madrid this Sunday morning, accused the head of government of:Sanchez surrenders himself to separatists“, to link, “he doesn’t cheat anymoreFor Casado, Sanchez “settled in Stockholm syndrome” and that’s why he sees “Separatists, fundamentalists and but listen Like those who want harmony. ” He was kidnapped by the freedom movement and radicalization because he wanted “, he stressed. For his part, the conservative national spokesman, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, predicted the enormous cost that it would represent for Sanchez to pardon independence leaders. Sanchez can forgive these criminals, but the Spaniards will not forgive him “, also warned the mayor of Madrid.

In opposition to the recommendations of the European Union, the Supreme Court of Justice in Spain has recommended rejecting the request for the pardon and release of Catalan political prisoners. In its report, this Court states that ” In a pluralistic society based on democratic values, breaking the grounds of cohabitation should never result in a unilateral decision, misleadingly leading citizens to the creation of a new state that exists only in the imagination of its promoters. ».

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