PC experience will deserve a function inspired by connected clocks

The lines of code seen in Android 13’s DP2 will herald the arrival of new features for computer screensavers.

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Android 13 // Source: freandroid

Google launches its second developer preview for Android 13 and new features could be part of a priority Construction The last are small discoveries. A future version of the OS specifically seeks to refine the experience on PC.

Extra from the smartwatch world?

this is XDA Developers Which informs us about the presence of some novelty for computers here. PC screensavers may experience “complications”. This English word is not to be taken in a derogatory sense here. It specifies elements placed on the screen saver to give more information to the user, like some connected clocks for example.

Android 13: The PC experience would deserve a function inspired by connected watches
Source: XDA Developers

These “complications” already exist in Google’s WearOS universe. So we can expect similar “complications” to happen already on Android watches. These small information panels will be used to show you some data such as air quality, information about your Chromecast devices, date, time, weather and many other useful little things.

The code discovered by XDA can be used here for these well-known “complications”, but the working basis for Google is to integrate its multiple Android code bases and avoid creating very different versions of the OS depending on devices. can work as well.

Android 13 DP2 will also have other new features such as better battery management and many more which we will present to you as they appear. In the meantime, remember that the beta is expected to arrive in April and this stage should let us know more about the final features of Android 13.

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