Patents: all you should know about science exams

Video. Student writing supports you in your preparation for a college diploma. What does a science test look like? What do we expect from students? Answer all your questions with SVT teacher.

Your third year ends with passing a college certificate. The science test for the 2021 session has been held on Tuesday, 29 June 2021. One hour (from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm), it is the culmination of two days dedicated to the exam.

Every year, the National Ministry of Education determines two scientific disciplines in April that students in 3 undergo patents out of three that they study throughout the year. In 2021, the candidates Common chain Physics – Chemistry and Life and Earth Sciences (SVT).

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Think about the scientific process

We interviewed SVT teacher Serge Reynard to advise you In his preparation for the science examination.

“To analyze documents, it will be necessary to apply a scientific approach,” Put together the information given to us. Knowledge helps pass the test but it is above all the creation of scientific analysis of documents ”, the college professor explains.

The teacher remembers that the test can only be taken along “Knowledge seen in third grade compared to fifth grade.”

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