Patent 2022: Subject of French to Foreigners (United Kingdom, Africa, Spain…)

Here are the topics for the French exam (in 3 parts) passed in advance this Tuesday, June 14, 2022, for students enrolled in colleges abroad (Group 1). As a reminder, students from colleges in metropolitan France will take their written exams on Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July. More details on Brevet 2022 dates and times here.

These topics are the second topics shared by the ministry after North America, they make it possible to solidly revise the exam in 3 parts (3 different subjects) from the first topic.

> Part I: Grammar and Language Skills / Comprehension and Interpretation Skills

> Part 1: Dictation

> Part II: Writing

Patent: Normal Series

Scoring: 100 Marks

Duration of the test: 3 hours (divided into 2 parts with a break of 15 minutes)

Dictation (10 marks)

Before you start dictating:

– Pay attention to the words “Argentina”, “Plane”, “Plow”, “Plow” on the board.

– Candidates will be asked to write every other line.

– we will not answer any questions from candidates after proofreading the text; They will be notified before this proofreading.

Earth tells us more about itself than any other book. Because it opposes us. Man finds himself when he measures himself against an obstacle. But to reach it he needs a tool. He needs a plane or a plow. The farmer, in his plowing, takes away some secret from nature little by little, and the truth he leaves is universal. In the same way the plane, the equipment of the airlines, helps man with all the old problems.

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Before my eyes, there is a still image of my first night of flight over Argentina, a dark night where the rare light scattered on the field shines like stars.

Each indicated, in this ocean of darkness, a miracle of conscience.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Land of Maine, 1939.

Grammar & Language Skills / Comprehension & Interpretation Skills (50 Marks)

Writing (40 Marks)

You will choose one of the following two writing topics:

subject of imagination

“The storm beneath it created another world three thousand meters thick, surrounded by gusts, waterfalls, lightning” […] ,

Fabian and his radio operator eventually find themselves caught in a storm.

You will tell this experience from the point of view of Fabian. You will note his sensitive and poetic way of interpreting it. You will emphasize the feelings you feel.

subject of reflection

Do technological advances still allow humans to escape?

You will answer this question in a rational and organized development based on your experience, your reading, your personal culture and the knowledge acquired in all subjects.

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