Patent 2021: Science and History Geo EMC Subject to Lebanon and Pondicherry – Patent 2021

Tests for Metropolis will only take place on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 June, but patents for test centers abroad began this week and science and geohistory this Wednesday, June 16.

you can consult French and Mathematics Subject to Patent 2021 in Lebanon and Pondicherry

Thus these topics can be a good basis for revision for the students of other exam centers!
We will offer for metros and themes corrected on our site.

Patent 2021: Subject of History Geography – EMC

Duration of the test: 2 hours 00
50 marks
Exercise 1. Analysis and Comprehension of Documents in Geography (20 Marks)
Geography – Regional Dynamics of Contemporary France.

2021 Patent: Science Subject

Duration of the test: 1 hour 00
50 marks

Physics-Chemistry – Duration 30 minutes
Triathlon is a sporting discipline that brings together three events: swimming, cycling and
Its going on.
Technology – Duration 30 minutes
parking assistance

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