Pastor Chris Oyakhilom sentenced to pay heavy fines for his comments on Coronavirus

Loveward television channel owned by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been ordered by UK authorities to pay a fine of £ 125,000 (FCFA over 96 million) for broadcasting conspiracy theories on Kovid-19 which were not proved.

On December 1, 2020, the TV station broadcast a program called World Day of Prayer, making many unfounded claims about the coronovirus epidemic.

These claims included the idea that the epidemic was “planned”, that the vaccine could be used to superimpose “chips” that could control and harm members of the public.

After a detailed investigation by the UK’s communications regulator, COM, it was concluded that the program had violated broadcasting rules by sharing “potentially harmful” allegations about COVID19.

In a statement released, Comcom concluded that the violation of Loveworld’s broadcast guidelines was “serious, repeated and negligent”.

The Broadcasting Authority said the TV station posed a risk of “serious harm” to viewers who tune in to watch the show.

“Loveworld’s inability to bring these incompetent statements into context could cause serious harm to its audience,” the statement said.

Ofcom said that religious channels have the potential to challenge measures taken to prevent the spread of novel coronaviruses.

‘They had the ability to rely on public health measures to deal with COVID19, at a time when cases, hospital admissions and deaths were on the rise in the UK, and progressed when people were looking for reliable information. Vaccination Program, “thecom statement read.

Pastor Oyakhilom has repeatedly expressed doubts about the COVID19 epidemic. Recently, it has attacked Christian leaders encouraging its members to take the vaccine against the virus.

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