Parody that surprises Britain

While Queen Elizabeth II spoke on the BBC in her traditional Christmas speech on 25 December, Channel 4 broadcast a fake alternative speech, causing controversy in Britain.

Using the technique of “deep imitation”, which involves fogging up the image using artificial intelligence, the English channel Channel 4 uses a virtual alter ego of the queen to twist her commentary. If the channel was intended to make its audience laugh while dealing with the BBC’s competitive channel, then some Britons have been shocked by this false speech.

Dances at Buckingham’s table

“For almost 70 years I’ve addressed you at Christmas. But I haven’t always been able to express myself fully on the BBC. I’m grateful that Channel 4 gives me this opportunity” False Queen. She then exposes the health crisis, lack of toilet paper, Boris Johnson or Harry and Meghan’s farewells.

She says that she is “saddened” by his departure. “There are very few things that tell someone they like the company of Canadians. But at least I have my dear Andrew left,” she explains. “It seems unlikely that she will return to North America,” she is unlikely, citing her involvement in the Epstein case.

After praising the merits of the Tik Tok app, the queen then appears dancing at the table at Buckingham Palace. “If that doesn’t end at Dancing with the Stars, I don’t know what will work!” She cries.

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lack of respect?

British personalities criticized this false speech, such as Brexit Party leader Nigel Faraj. “How dare they?”, He reacted on Twitter. “Disgusting!” Or write “it should be banned” to other internet users. This controversy, reminding critics around the series “The Crown”, shows how the British are still very much attached to the values ​​and honor of the royal family.

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