Parliament postpones legislative elections 30 days after presidential election


The Libyan House of Representatives (parliament) on Tuesday approved the holding of legislative elections, 30 days after the presidential election, while the two elections were initially scheduled to be held on the same day, i.e., 24 December.

Parliament spokesman Abdullah Blihak said on Facebook that the legislative body, during its session today (Tuesday), approved “conducting legislative elections 30 days after the presidential election”.

According to the United Nations-sponsored roadmap, the legislative and presidential elections are expected to be held simultaneously on December 24.

Blihek said that the decision was “explained by the will of the parliament, according to which the president of the republic is directly elected by the people”.

Libya seems to be looking at a way out of the crisis since taking over a government of national unity and a new presidential council on March 16, 2021, to lead the country in legislative and presidential elections to be held on December 24.

Nevertheless, recently tensions have arisen between the governing institutions in Libya, the House of Representatives on the one hand and the High Council on the other, due to differences between the central government and the Presidential Council, particularly the law on privileges and elections.

* Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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