Paris: The Terrible Squid Game Doll Really Exists!

Fans of the event series no longer sleep through the night.

Unfortunately, the nightmare is not over as the doll has taken up residence in a small village in South Korea…

Under her rosy cheeks and her baby face, the giant squid game doll, a true follower of the game “1,2,3 Soil!” The most reckless of us have been traumatized. The automaton, very much stuck to the rules of his favorite game, has returned to his hometown after the success of Squid Game, the most-watched series on the Netflix platform in Korea, the United Kingdom, France and the United States. While waiting for the next shoot, the film crew returns the robotic doll to its owner, a small village in the Jincheon district of Chungcheongbuk – northern South Korea. Not far from Seoul, this village has a museum of ancient horse-drawn carriages called Macha Land. Who else other than this bloodthirsty doll guarding the entrance. One piece of advice: Avoid his gaze.

deadly game

Exactly, what is the squid game about? Speech: Deep in debt, Gi-hyun (Lee Jung-jae) is haunted by despair and no longer knows how to get out of it. When a stranger offers him to participate in a game that carries a reward of several million euros, he accepts without knowing what he is doing. He soon finds himself on an island, at the center of a fierce competition in which 456 players compete in childish games, quickly turning into a real bloodbath. Will Gi-hun go all the way?

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