Paris: Asics Europe, solid growth and profitability

ASICS EMEA reported a year-on-year (YTD) increase of 44% in consolidated net sales across all distribution channels and a significant increase in operating profit to 70.5 million EUR YTD compared to the same period last year.

ASICS reported a 52% growth in wholesale channels in EMEA for the financial year ended June 2021* as compared to the previous year. ASICS revenue increased year-on-year across wholesale channels in France (77%), Germany (43%), the UK (50%), Italy (116%) and the Iberian Peninsula (111%). ASICS EMEA also continued to experience growth in e-commerce, with 45% year-on-year growth over the previous year.

ASICS EMEA CEO Carsten Anbehn said: « COVID-19 is presenting challenges across the world. While we are seeing very positive results in our field, we manage our business carefully to ensure that we can deliver and deliver the best experience in the future.

We are currently witnessing unprecedented demand for ASICS products in the EMEA region. Our business has grown significantly over the last year, in part thanks to product innovation and more and more people choosing ASICS. We are seeing profitable growth across all segments of the business and across all distribution channels, demonstrating that we have positive dynamics in this segment. “

METASPEED™ SKY: A Shoe with a Record

Following the launch of the METASPEED™ Sky, ASICS launched the METASPEED™ Edge in June to help cadence runners increase their stride length for efficiency. These two high performance models have been scientifically designed to help runners reach their peak. Since launch, over 100 elite athletes from around the world have broken their personal bests with the METASPEED™ Sky and METASPEED™ Edge.

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ASICS. Novak Djokovic will expand with

Last May, during a landmark year in his career, Novak Djokovic extended his partnership with ASICS. Since his United debut in 2018, Djokovic has climbed the rankings and won eight major titles. He currently holds the record for most weeks as the world’s number one ranked male player. “ASICS has the best shoe technology in the world for me, and my continued partnership with ASICS ensures that I can continue to play in the best technical shoes. » Declared the world No.1.

ASICS. most ecological collection from

Back in April, ASICS launched the Earth Day Pack, the greenest collection ever. The general collection for several categories was created using a circular manufacturing approach, which made it possible to recycle approximately 5 tons of textile waste, the equivalent of 25,000 T-shirts, into new shoes.

Commitment to move the world

On the occasion of Global Running Day, ASICS invites the world to participate in the world’s first continuous study to discover the benefits of sport and the mind and the effect of movement on the soul. Throughout 2021 and beyond, ASICS is encouraging the world to step forward and feel the impact on the mindset of their own, their city and even the entire country.

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