Paris and other French regions were confined for a month from Friday to midnight

A container of at least four weeks to curb the Kovid-19 epidemic will be implemented in Paris and other French regions from Friday evening, with progress accelerating, the Prime Minister announced on Thursday. Jean Castex.

The new measure concerns eight departments of लेle-de-France, including the capital Paris, five departments of Hauts-de-France, as well as Alpesh-Maritime, Seine-Maritime and Eure, explained the chef government during the weekly. Conference to take stock of health situation in the country.

“The measures we are taking today are intended to be implemented for at least the next 4 weeks,” said Jean Castex.

“This is the time required for them to create a substantial impact, unless of course, if significant positive results have not been seen in the meantime, then it is also the time that is important in helping us reach the first level. The weakest ”, declared Castex, accompanied by Health Minister, Olivier Vernon.

“These measures can be extended to other parts of the region”, warned the Prime Minister.

Schools in these departments will remain open while rules in places of worship remain unchanged, Castex said the trip will be overseen but under more flexible rules during March and November.

The curfew will be maintained, but the start time will be reduced from 6pm to 7pm “especially due to summer time” and will apply to all departments from Saturday, Jean Castex added, noting that Inter-regional travel in the respective departments. Imprisonment will be prohibited.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that external trips would be allowed without time limits but within a radius of 10 km.


Regarding stores, only those selling basic goods and services will be allowed to open, the government head said, noting that this notion of basic goods would be extended to books and music, thereby opening booksellers and record stores Will stay.

In addition, Jean Castex indicated that since the vaccination campaign began in France, 5,748,698 people have received at least one injection, noting that over 75% of 45 people have received the first injection, with two in two. About one.

He underlined that the government maintains its objective of vaccinating 30 million people by May-June, particularly “due to delivery”, which at the same time announces that injections of the AstraZeneca vaccine again after noon on Friday Will start.

For his part, the Minister of Health returned to health indicators in areas affected by the new measures.

He warned that the number of patients will “further increase in intensive care” in the coming weeks, calling on his compatriots to “catch up” and “support our caregivers”.

In this sense, the minister reported a free fall in deaths and serious cases in the elderly and nursing homes, the “implications of vaccination” for this result.

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