Paris 2024: Meeting of the British Delegation in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

The Paris 2024 Games are slowly settling into the Yvelines. This time, it was the British Olympic Committee that voted for Saint-Germain-en-Lay.

Sir Hugh Robertson and Arnaud Pericard at the Camp des Loges. ©CD78

On the roof of the Camp des Loges clubhouse in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, you can hear a strong English accent. Indeed, the city’s mayor and Yvelins departmental councilor Arnaud Perricard welcomed officials to the British Olympic Committee on Thursday, April 28, 2022. The reason for this is even more joyful as the latter has validated the fact that it has installed part of its delegation in the royal city, for Paris 2024.

In the program, most land sports. Rugby, football, field hockey, athletics… A large number of subjects, all gathered on the grounds currently occupied by the city and the confederations of Paris-Saint-Germain. “Saint-Germain’s choice was clear”, explains former British sports minister Sir Hugh Robertson, who now heads the Olympic Committee across the Channel.

“The city is beautiful, close to Paris. It is easy to discuss with the town hall to meet our expectations and needs,” he adds.

The British delegation is associated with the city

A new race track is under construction. ©CD78

If discussion with the Town Hall is the heart of the matter, is that the common project uniting the two institutions is ambitious, “Since the 2012 London Olympics, the notion of heritage has been important to him,” explains one of the members of Mayer’s cabinet. It is true that the British delegation really wants to be involved in the daily life of Saint-Germain-en-Lay, “They especially want to come first and really share the lives of the residents,” he says.

At the moment nothing is official. Only the signing of the agreement, as well as the repair work of the Athletics Stadium, has already started. Other than this The delegation did not fail to visit the site of this new track., The latter, ultra-high performance, will give athletes the opportunity to aim for excellence for Paris 2024.

Paris 2024, the concept of heritage above all

Tram 13 station at the entrance to the Camp des Loges. ©CD78

The track, “the first legacy mark of the Paris 2024 Games in Saint-Germain”, analyzes Brigitte Henriques, president of CNOSF. Partially funded by the British Committee and the City, The latter could also benefit from departmental support from the ROY (Olympic Radiation for Yvelines) system, which aims to subsidize the Paris 2024 Games preparation centers in the region.,

“For us, it will above all be a tool for our residents and unions”, explains Mayor Arnaud Pericard.

“Also, why not think of re-establishing an athletics club that has disappeared due to a lack of equipment,” he says. Meanwhile, the city of Saint-Germain is preparing for a number of changes thanks to Paris 2024.

The economic benefits would be undeniable with the arrival of the United KingdomAnd starting this summer, the Sports Preparatory Center will also be able to take advantage of a new transport device with the brand new Tram 13 station ready for use just a few meters from the entrance.

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