Paris 2024: Decisions of the UK Sports Fund signal further diversification and victory in the ‘right way’

Rowing is one of the few sports that has seen a decline in funding

UK Sport’s decisions on funding for Paris 2024 signal a move towards greater diversity and victory “on the right track”, says Chair Dame Katherine Granger

British sports Will accept 2 352 million for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, divided into 43 sports.

New additions such as surfing and skateboarding have been funded while some traditional themed sports have reduced their budgets.

“This is a very important and exciting moment,” Grener told BBC Sport.

“There are two main issues – broad diversity and broad engagement and it’s still important to win, but how we win is equally important for everyone in the system.

“We made sure we won in the right way and make it not just a beautiful tagline

“It’s not just a stage, it’s a system process and how an evolution is [we win] Being much stronger and more popular now. “

Those who do not have the right culture ‘do not welcome’

Funding for the UK sport’s “non-compromise” approach is strongly linked to medal prospects – which were announced in 2004 – in recent athlete welfare and bullying scandals.

However, a The change of strategy was announced in October, Emphasis on future financing of Olympic and Paralympic sports over a 12-year period, instead of four, with a “progressive approach” aimed at achieving success across a wide range of sports.

Chief executive Sally Munda told BBC Sport: “What we’ve done is taken an overall view of the sport in terms of looking at their athletic team and future prospects.”

“We’ve seen how they run their programs, how they’ve spent to run their programs, and how they’re going to make sure the culture is centered on what they do.

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“We are very pleased with the sports we are investing in that they are committed to achieving the right culture.

“We will work together with sports so that it is very clear that you will not be welcomed if you do not have a good positive culture at the heart of what you do.”

The former incumbent Grener – Great Britain’s most decorated female Olympian – has been head of the National Fund for the past three years and she added:

“We need to have a heart of integrity, sincerity and confidence in the system.

“I want our sports community to be known internationally for the first approach of the people and also for maintaining the highest standards of honesty.”

Winners and losers

Although this fund represents an increase of 5 345 million allocated for the Tokyo Games and has expanded from 32 to 43 sports, Britain has lost several successful sports.

Athletics, gymnastics, rowing and swimming have seen budget cuts of about 10% for shipping, canoeing, equestrian and modern pentathlon.

Badminton has grown significantly and GB Wheelchair Rugby has recovered funds. The game received a total of £ 3 million as of Rio 2016, but all funds were removed after it failed to win a medal at the Games.

Since then they have won two European titles and risen to the top of the world.

Britain has won 67 of the 67 medals at Rio 201 and claimed four gold medals at the Paralympics.

Andy Parkinson, chief executive of British Rowing, said he was not surprised to see the sport cost about ৪ 2.4 million in “difficult economic times”.

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However, his counterpart at Pentathlon GB, Sarah Heath, said she was “disappointed and shocked” by the 20% drop.

In a statement, Pentathlon GB said Heath planned to make an appeal throughout the sport, emphasizing the “lack of equality … receiving this important funding.”

Regarding the decision to reduce funding for several sports, Munda added: “This is a very difficult time in terms of the financial envelope we have and we have seen this part.

“We wanted to get into the game more than we were able to before and as a result we had to make some great decisions.

“I believe that the games have been consistently successful and the funding they have received will continue to be successful.”

The additional ্যের 3 million in new funding will also be open to other sports such as braking applications, which To take part in the Olympics in Paris for the first time.

UK Sport is expected to test the possibility of breaking in the next 12 months when they first climbed the Olympic program, combining skateboarding, surfing and karate.


The BBC’s sports editor Dan Run

Despite the culmination of two decades of unprecedented Olympic and Paralympic success, it appears to be an important departure from the UK sport.

In an investigation of how public money is invested by funding agencies, Penny feels the medals are not so important.

Critics have long argued that the UK sport has focused more on so-called ‘posh sports’, mostly in private school sports, the cost of growing activities that are more diverse and can inspire the urban community. So it’s an attempt to balance a little bit of balance, even if it’s with a medal risk in a short amount of time.

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After being partially blamed for multiple rape scandals, UK Sport has also acknowledged that winning athletes cannot come at the expense of welfare or honesty. It is too early to judge whether it will be prepared to support such a statement by further funding cuts, but the sport has been warned.

Who got it?

In rowing, funding dropped by about 10%, and several large drops were also seen in swimmers (11.4%) and equestrian (11.6%).

Archery, however, saw its funding more than double, with badminton increasing by about £ 2.5 million (over 300%) and cycling by 12%.

Olympic Games The amount of the prize received
Archery 13 2,134,257
Athletics , 22,175,520
Badminton £ 3,154,358
Boxing , 11,395,507
Canning , 12,108,836
Cycling , 27,601,684
Diving , 8,463,542
Equestrian , 11,085,964
Gymnastics , 12,510,990
Hockey , 12,376,622
Judo , 5,446,804
Modern competition , 4,391,183
Rowing , 22,212,008
Boats , 21,338,088
Shooting . 5,802,749
Swimming £ 16,590,017
Taekwondo . 7,776,898
Triathlon , 6,806,550
Paralympic sport The amount of the prize received
Bowl 4 3,473,835
Para-archery 63 2,633,644
Para-athletics . 9,065,401
Para-badminton 10 1,106,833
Para-canoe £ 3,032,881
Para-cycling , 7,829,158
Para-equestrian £ 3,011,243
Para-shooting 69 1,692,915
Para-rowing £ 3,139,577
Para-swimming . 7,829,247
Para-table tennis 7 3,717,787
Para-Taekwondo 3 563,162
Para-triathlon 8,814,618
Powerlifting 6 1,612,722
Sixth Judo 7 847,617
Wheelchair basketball , 4,197,157
Wheelchair fencing 5 1,599,819
Wheelchair rugby 6 2,650,289
Progress sports The amount of the prize received
Basketball 3 1,350,000
Ascending 5 1,562,811
Fence 67 1,672,485
Skateboarding 67 1,672,485
Surfing 3 1,350,000
Table tennis 3 1,350,000
Lifting 3 1,350,000

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