Paradox #22 – Sylvie Topaloff

Sylvie Topaloff is the guest of the fourth issue of the second season of Les Contrantes.

sylvie Topaloff is a lawyer, registered with the Paris Bar since 1976. She initially specialized in family law and at that time Mouvement d? Action became the leader of Juridic’s women’s section, which led to the founding of the extreme left organization the following day. May 68. This commitment will lead them to organize trips to Amsterdam to allow women to have abortions before the veil law. He summarized in a drawing that Baudouin Eshapase had dedicated to him. Point Last May: “Looking back, I realized that, if I became a lawyer, it was to put women’s voices in the dock. “

Later, the lawyer turned to social law and, in the 1990s, the defense of undocumented Malian workers suffering from severe pulmonary malformation convinced him that, if they were so ill, it was because they had spent time at JuCu’s decontamination site. Toxic dust is inhaled. the premises where they were employed. It is this asbestos issue that Jean-Paul Teisonire will work with in 1996, and the two will work for nearly ten years to obtain civil compensation, but also criminal sanctions against those responsible for this disaster. Health cause of 2,000 to 3,000 fatal cancers per year.

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In 2002, he established a joint cabinet, the TTLA cabinet (Teissonniere Topaloff Lafforgue Andreu), which […] read more

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