Panic in buying petrol and diesel: British are running out of gas stations

Panic in buying petrol and diesel
running out of british gas stations

Dozens of petrol stations in the UK are forced to close because they can no longer be supplied with petrol and diesel. Long lines form in front of the remaining gas pumps. Fuel demand has increased by up to 500 percent. One reason is Brexit.

Panic buying over fears of petrol and diesel bottlenecks has put gas stations in the UK under severe pressure. According to the Petrol Retailers Association, more than half of its members are out of fuel. Broadcaster BBC Radio 4 Association boss Brian Maderson said demand is up to 500 percent higher. It mainly hits petrol stations which are not on highways. “50 to 90 percent of their pumps are dry, and those that aren’t empty are partially dry and will run dry soon.”

That’s because energy companies preferred gas stations, long lines, and traffic jams to build up on highways, Maderson said. Crowds of motorists will drive to the most important connection in order to find a gas station. Maderson said government measures to issue work visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers have fallen short. “We may see gains later in the fall when the drivers are here and start working, but in a very short period of time this panic buying has created really serious problems.”

Recently, energy companies closed dozens of gas stations because they could no longer supply them with gasoline and diesel. This led to panic buying and long lines across the country. According to estimates by the Road Haulage Association, one lakh truck drivers are missing.

There’s a reason Brexit is there: Since then, strict entry rules have been preventing an influx of skilled workers. As a result, among other things, there were gaps in supermarket shelves. Maderson stressed that the country has enough fuel. However, it is still in terminals and refineries and therefore out of reach of petrol stations and drivers.

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