PAM, PI and PPS campaign for a new political dynamic

The current phase requires a new political dynamic to generate a strong, united, coherent and responsible government, capable of responding to internal and external challenges facing the state, the three parliamentary opposition parties, the Authenticity Party and Modernism ( PAM) confirmed. , Istiklal Party (PI) and Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS).

Referring to the difficult conditions facing the country due to the coronavirus pandemic and the important measures taken to deal with it, especially HM King’s prudent decisions, as well as the general situation marking the next electoral deadline, the three sides Welcomed the phase of preparing a legal arsenal for this important political timeframe, pending the official announcement of the dates for various elections. The three parties expressed their determination to pursue action to strengthen the democratic nation state with all its institutions, strengthening the domestic front and civic rates, confirming the centrality of the democratic element to the success of the alternative development model. Worked to increase. “. To achieve these objectives, the three sides consider “a new political dynamic and the possibility of creating a strong, united, coherent and responsible government to respond to our internal and external challenges to the current state” A great encouragement is required. country “.

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In this context, the three sides underscored the decision that a general positive environment needs to be created for political spies and rights protection, capable of promoting Moroccan cohesion with public affairs and helping to increase participation rates, That is. The fundamental condition for strengthening the credibility of elected institutions. To this end, the three parties have expressed the conviction that a calm and responsible debate around the consequences of government management at the current stage needs to prevail in our public space, reflecting the principle of accountability for the people, and the content Social and political projects of parties within various public and private media to analyze, judge and criticize constructively through expression and civic participation.

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The three political parties have, in this sense, the measures of information and communication that the government must, as always, to support all phases of the electoral process, especially in relation to the public media which should acknowledge their role . According to the specifics in terms of highlighting the political vision in their diversity and plurality. In order to maintain the integrity of all phases of the electoral process and on the principle of fair and equitable competition, which should prevail during this process, the three parties, in the doctrine of the occurrence of the political division of charitable repudiation and condemnation Repeal and solidarity action to influence the choice of voters, whatever its political orientation.

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For the electoral process to run smoothly, the three parties recognize that this illegal practice, which is based on illegitimate and unethical exploitation of information and personal data of citizens, requires intervention capable of eliminating it by public authorities. .

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