Palestine: UN agency UNARWA demands $800 million

The United Nations Agency for Aid to Palestinian Refugees (UNARVA) is seeking $800 million at a donor conference to be held in Brussels in mid-November, its commissioner-general, Philippe Lazarini, said on Friday. Operation.

“We are looking for $800 million a year for the “three main activities” of Unrava, education, health and social security,” he told some reporters during a report. meeting in New York.

“The main objective of this conference”, co-organized by Sweden and Jordan, is to “better forecasting” and “promote visibility”, stressed a UN official of Swiss nationality.

It will keep about 700 UN-managed schools open where 550,000 girls and boys are educated, as will health centers and continue to provide social security to Palestinian refugees, Philippe Lazzarini said.

In addition to these $800 million, funding is needed for humanitarian assistance provided by Unarva, which varies from one year to the next according to the crisis, but is estimated at half a million dollars for 2022. Last year, the official said, in office since April.

He insisted that his agency was short of a hundred million dollars to finish this year and that it may have to stop some activities in November and December.

“We’re still fighting today, running after cash” and “I never know in advance whether I’ll be able to pay the salaries of some 28,000 Unrava employees”, explained Philippe Lazzarini. .

Regarding the criticisms made in the past by Israel especially on the content of school books as well as the training of local teachers, the commissioner-general underlined that Unarva was transparent and one of the most important UN agencies in the world. investigation was done. World. His actions

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He recalled that the selection criteria for teachers such as school books are used for the host countries.

Unrwa provides aid to over 5 million Palestinian refugees registered with it in the Palestinian Territories, Jordan and Lebanon.

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