Owning Sight launches a rail link with the United Kingdom to reduce its carbon footprint

Since mid-January, Toyota-Owning has established a rail logistics loop between France and the United Kingdom. Ultimately the idea to reduce your CO2 emissions by 10% and save on delivery time.

Toyota began transporting Corollas and Yaris on a cross-channel rail loop between Valenciennes and Toton (UK), located near Derby, where Toyota Corollas are manufactured.

Corollas will be transported to the Valenciennes hub, and Yaris produced in France will be delivered to the United Kingdom. All this by train.

Initially, around 70,000 cars are affected per year, i.e. equivalent to 270 trains in the same period.

Toyota also plans to convert all of its main European logistics routes to rail by 2025. The second phase of the rail project will start in April 2022, when the Valenciennes logistics platform will be connected to the Kolin site (Czech Republic).

The pan-European rail network will expand with additional logistics routes in Italy, Spain and Turkey. Once this step is completed, the group plans to a Saving of over 70 lakh truck transport kilometers per yearWhich will achieve both emission benefits and reduced road usage.

“The beginning of this marked rail freight link”An important step as we seek to gradually reduce carbon emissions over time by improving operations with innovative and sustainable solutions. We have an ambitious plan to expand the use of rail, which will provide additional benefits to the customers along with better delivery times. ,explained Jean-Christophe Deville, director of vehicle logistics at Toyota Motor Europe

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