Owner of Galaxy Leader Calls for Crew Release After Video Emerges

Title: Iranian-backed Militants Seize Japanese Car Carrier in Yemen, Demanding Immediate Release of Crew

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In a shocking and brazen act, Iranian-backed Houthi militants seized the Galaxy Leader car carrier, chartered by Japanese shipping company NYK, as it transited the Red Sea on November 19. The armed assailants, boarding the ship via helicopter, quickly gained control, taking the vessel to the Hodeidah port area in Yemen.

Of particular concern is the fact that the ship has undeniable ties to an Israeli businessman, raising suspicions that this incident could be politically motivated. Video footage, allegedly released by Hamas, reveals the Commander of Yemeni Navy addressing the ship’s crew from the bridge. This raises questions about the extent of coordination between militant groups involved.

Fortunately, the owner of the seized vessel, Galaxy Maritime Ltd, has confirmed that all crew members remain on board and appear to be well. The crew consists of 17 Filipino nationals, 2 Bulgarians, 3 Ukrainians, 2 Mexicans, and 1 Romanian citizen. It is believed that their lives are not in immediate danger, but the situation is undoubtedly tense and concerning.

The owner is now calling for the urgent release of all crew members, and efforts are being made through various channels, including embassies and authorities, to secure their freedom. Galvanizing international support, the affected parties are tirelessly working towards a resolution in this distressing ordeal.

Disturbing videos that have surfaced show militants dancing on the ship’s deck, further exacerbating tensions. In a provocative move, the ship has been adorned with Palestinian and Yemeni flags, hinting at a deeper political agenda underlying the seizure. The motivation behind this act remains unclear, and authorities are investigating possible motives.

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The incident highlights the growing threats faced by cargo vessels navigating through volatile regions such as the Red Sea. The international community must take swift action to ensure the safety of maritime trade and protect the lives of innocent crew members caught in the crossfire.

As this high-stakes situation unfolds, stakeholders are keeping a constant vigil, hoping for a peaceful resolution that guarantees the safe return of the crew and the release of the Galaxy Leader car carrier. Insider Wales Sport will provide updates on this distressing incident as soon as new information emerges.

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