Owens, Big Family on Farm (TFX): Are Amanda and Clive already at a standstill after a successful trial?

tfx This Saturday, July 10, 2021 offers a novelty to its viewers. TF1 Group’s TNT channel is programming a new British reality show called Owens: Big Family on the Farm , from 5:05 pm, and with four consecutive episodes. recovers the show box Large families: XXL . life in , stable even on TF1.

family of nine

The show, produced by Renegade Pictures and Motion Content Group, follows two shepherds, Amanda and Clive Owen, living on one of Britain’s most remote farms. They share their daily lives with their nine children. There are also about 1,000 sheep in the family which they have to take care of every day.

entitled Our Yorshire Farm In its original version, the series has 4 seasons to its credit and the fifth is currently being filmed. This reality TV attempt to highlight the respect for nature and its inhabitants, especially animals and insects. From birds to bees, the program aims to educate the public about conserving and respecting nature.

big family, all day

In May 2021, Owens: Big Family on the Farm The private channel was still Channel 5’s most-watched program in the United Kingdom, with 3.8 million viewers. In June 2021, the total number of Access prime time reruns was up to 1 million viewers, or an 11.4% audience share among the general public.

Saturday July 3, 2021, during TFX scheduled time slot, reserved for now Owenmultiple episodes of handjob big family. By the end of the afternoon, the seven episodes, which began airing at 5:05 p.m., had attracted an average of 156,000 viewers, or 1.2% of viewers ages four and older. Score that TFX should keep in mind Owens: Big Family on the Farm, premiering on July 10, 2021.

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