Overwatch 2: Development is progressing well, according to Activision-Blizzard

After the leak blizzard formalized overwatch 2 During this in November 2019 ice storm, saying that Fans have been waiting for this sequel for a long time, especially because the developers stopped offering actual new content in the first part game for months. Maize Overwatch 2 still isn’t showing the tip of its nose.

We had some information here and there, like BlizzConline 2021 Last February or a. Through live stream In May, the team officially formed in 5 vs 5. But there’s still a release date on the horizon. However, development is progressing, according to a statementActivision Blizzard during your financial report. The group claims thatOverwatch 2 has passed a major milestone internally in recent weeks, and he’ll talk more about his game in the coming months, like “The final stages of production are approaching”.

Something to reassure players, who will not jump for joy until they have a game in hand. As a reminder, Named first Overwatch still hosts seasonal events, currently with Summer Games 2021. You can find lego bulldozer at 45 € heroine.

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