Over a thousand slots available at Olivet Vaccinodrome this week

As of last week, officials have indicated that they have several doses of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Laureate, for this week. The case at the Olivet Vaccination Center explains the prefecture in a new press release this Monday evening: “About 300 appointments are to be filled tomorrow Tuesday 10 August, 200 Wednesday 11 August, 250 Thursday 12 August and 350 Friday 13 August. The center is also open on Saturdays and 200 appointments are still available for 14 August.”

The province of Loiret encourages re-vaccination

Appointments can be made online through the doctolib platform. they allow “It’s up to everyone to get the health pass in a permanent way as soon as possible”. and the prefecture, which reminds that vaccination is possible from the age of twelve, “strongly” encourages the population of Loret to be vaccinated : “The vaccine campaign against Covid-19 has already enabled more than 320,000 people to complete their vaccination program in Laureate. Nevertheless, the virus is still spreading more and more actively in the region, with a population of 82.9 in Laureate. with the rate of incidence” (and more than 221 positive cases per 100,000 residents in the 20-29 year olds in the Centre-Val de Loire).

One in two residents received their two doses of the vaccine in Loiretta

Well, on August 5, the vaccination record in Laureate was 740,879 injections, including 421,736 first injections. until 2 August, Therefore 51.5% of the Laureate population was fully vaccinated (compared to 53.3% nationally) and 61.8% received at least one dose.

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